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With the RVS-200AV larger quantities can be filled quickly and easily . Such as buckets, barrels and bags.

The RVS-200AV can be supplied completely customer and product specific. The dosing height, speed and quantity can thus be made entirely to your wishes. It can also be expanded with a weighing system or, for example, a volumetric filling system. The unit can be manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

It is very easy and fast to work with the RVS-200AV. Consider, for example, filling large pots, buckets, barrels or bags. Ask for the possibilities!

Dosing range<10 l/min / <20 l/min / <40 l/min / <60 l/min
Steering380/400V – 0.37 kW
Size (LxWxH)60x60x110 cm.
Volume200 liters