• Volume 200 liters
  • With weighing computer and scale
  • Filling buckets etc.
  • Gravimetric dosing
  • With pneumatic closure after each dose
  • Heavy construction

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With the RVS-200AV larger quantities can be filled quickly and easily, for example in buckets and barrels.

The RVS-200AV can be maufacured completely customer and product specific. The dosing speed and quantity can thus be made entirely to your wishes. The weighing system measures every dosage vere accurately. The unit can be manufactured entirely from stainless steel.

It is very easy and fast to work with the RVS-200AV. Consider, for example, filling large pots, buckets or barrels. Ask for the possibilities!

Dosing range<10 l/min / <20 l/min / <40 l/min / <60 l/min
Steering230V – 380/400V / 0.37 kW
Size (LxWxH)60x60x110 cm.
Volume200 liters
Auger diameter76 mm.