• Volume 4 litres
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Dosing is based on timed
  • With mixer to prevent bridging
  • Custom made on request
  • Auger diameter 28 mm.

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The KMD-4AVT is a volumetric dosing unit. With the control, dosings can be made based on time. There is a timer on the control box. The desired dosing time can be set with this. The set time is then dosed by means of a signal (for example a push button, foot pedal or sensor). As a result, the dosage will be (approximately) the same every time.

With the KMD-4AVT, powders and granulates can be filled very easily and quickly. For example in jars, bags or bottles. The accuracy is quite high, because there is always the same dosing time. It is such a semi-automatic system, which can be filled very user-friendly and quickly!

Doseerbereik20-200 cc/ min (hoger of lager op aanvraag)
Aansturing230V / 24V DC
Formaat (LxBxH)29x24x36 cm.
Inhoud4 liter (max. 5 kg.)