• Volume 4 liters (3x)
  • With mixer to prevent bridging
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Disperses 3 products at once
  • Custom made on request

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With the KMD-4AV-3, three different ingredients, each with a separate amount, can be dosed simultaneously in, for example, a jar or bottle. Operation and use are very easy!

The KMD-4AV-3 is a volumetric dosing system. The dosage is based on pulses (auger revolutions), not on weight. In this way a very accurate dosage can still be achieved. The 3 dosers can each be filled with a separate ingredient, and then a separate dosage can be entered for each ingredient in the control panel. The 3 dosers can then be started with a start signal, so that all three dose their own dosing at the same time. The KMD-4AV-3 can be delivered completely customer and product specific.

Dosing range20-200 cc/ min (higher or lower on request)
Steering230V / 24V DC
Size (LxWxH)29x24x36 cm.
Volume4 liters (max. 5 kgs.)