Dosing units – 24V

These compact and affordable dosing units are equipped with a 24V DC motor. Very versatile for all kinds of powders and granules.

Dosing units – 380V

With the powerful 380V motors, these dosing units are suitable for heavier work. Robust units with many industrial applications.

Filling machines – auger

Filling of powders and granulates is very simple and accurate. This can be both volumetric and gravimetric

Filling machines – shaker conveyor

Particularly suitable for dosing pellets and granulate products. The vibrating chute ensures very accurate dosing.

Auger systems

Augers and spirals are available in many sizes and materials. Complete with motors and controls.

Storage and silo

We can offer different types of silos and bunkers for the storage of product. Customization is also possible. Ask for the possibilities!


We can provide tailor-made solutions for specific wishes and applications. The possibilities are almost limitless. We think along with you!

Gravimetric dosing

With this method, each dosage (portion) is always weighed. This offers many possibilities, for example when filling products. Read more about it here!

Volumetric dosing

Dosing is done, based on product volume. This cost-effective method is nevertheless very accurate. Extensive applications are possible.