• Volume 10 liters
  • Dosing range approx. 1-100 grams
  • Suitable for grain, granulate, etc.
  • Gravimetric dosing
  • 3 dosing speeds
  • Built-in weighing system

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The GRN-10AV is a semi-automatic filling machine. With this, it is very  easy to fill glasses, bottles or bags with granules or grains. Operation is simple; Plug and play!

The GRN-10AV is ready for use in seconds. The amount to be dispersed can easily be entered in the control panel. The product to be dispersed (granule or grain) can be added in the funnel on top. The product is brought out of the funnel into a weighing system by means of a vibrating gutter. The entered dosage is carefully weighed here. A bottle, jar or bag can then be held under the opening. A sensor detects this and the dosage is dispersed through the opening. The operation can also be done with a foot pedal. This way, large series can be filled very quickly. The GRN-100AV is easy to use and easy to clean.

Dosing range1-100 grams
Volume10 liters
Size (LxWxH)39x23x55 cm.
Speed5-20x p/min

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