• Volume 1000 litres
  • Filling of buckets and bags etc.
  • Custom made on request
  • Dosing is based on timed
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Galvanised steel

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With the GRN-1000AV larger quantities can be filled quickly and easily . Such as buckets, barrels and bags. The GRN-1000AV can be supplied completely customer and product specific. The dosing height, speed and quantity can thus be made entirely to your wishes.

The dosing is based on volumetric dosing. The desired dosing time is set on the control panel. Now with every push on the foot pedal, the GRN-1000AV will dose the time that is set. In this way with every push on the pedal, the same amount of product will be dosed!

It is very easy and fast to work with the GRN-1000AV. Consider, for example, filling large pots, buckets, barrels or bags. Ask for the possibilities!

Doseerbereik<5 l/min / <10 l/min / <20 l/min / <40 l/min / <60 l/min
Aansturing380/400V – 0.37 kW
Formaat (LxBxH)120x120x200 cm.
Inhoud1000 liter