With gravimetric dosing, dosing is based on weight. This can be done through weight gain or loss.

  • Weight gain: The dispensed product is weighed. For example, by dosing product in a bucket that is placed on a weighing scale. The scale weighs the increase in weight.
  • Weight loss: The dosing unit is placed on load cells. During the dispesing of the product, the entire dosing unit (with product) becomes increasingly lighter. This weight loss is continuously weighed.

The highest possible accuracy can be achieved with gravimetric dosing. In other words, the dosage differences are minimal. Some examples of dosing units based on gravimetric dosing:

Advantages of gravimetric dosing:

  • The system is self-calibrating
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Continuous, automatic control of the process and the dosage
  • Large dosing range possible

Disadvantages of gravimetric dosing:

  • Relatively expensive system/ larger investment