Bigbag auger

  • For unloading and filling big bags
  • Frame for holding big bag available
  • Custom made auger available
  • Heavy construction
  • Affordable solution

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With the big bag auger, a big bag can be unloaded or filled in a simple way. All types of powders and granulates can be processed with this. The angle of inclination, auger length and auger diameter are custom made.

Filling a big bag:

An empty big bag is hung in the frame. This is placed underneath the discharge mouth, at the end of the auger. Product can then be poured into the funnel. For example, bags or buckets can be emptied into the funnel. The auger rotates the product in the big bag.

Unloading a big bag:

A full big bag is hung in the frame. This is placed above the funnel. The trunk under the big bag is hung in the funnel. The auger thus empties the big bag. The auger can unload the big bag, for example, into a mixing tank or onto a conveyor belt etc.