Raijmakers Industrie has been actively involved in the innovation, production and distribution of volumetric powder dispensers for powder handling and other dispensing systems since 1998. Our product range is one of a kind in Europe. Our dispensers excel in quality, accuracy and usability. Over the years we have developed an extended range for the dosing of various products.

Raijmakers Industrie’s dispensers can be applied in many ways within the food and non-food industry. We can provide solutions for the dosing of all sorts of powders and granules, such as dyes, polymers, minerals, salts, pellets, sand, granules and grit. Therefore, Raijmaker Industrie’s dispensers are very versatile and can be applied to water treatment, manure processing, artificial additives as well as the production of concrete and animal feed.

Our product range exists of a series of ‘standard’ dispensers. These can be adjusted to a client’s specific needs or wishes. In addition, Raijmakers Industrie also offers fully customized products for powder handling.